Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Senna Two-Piece Set-Acular!

You may recognize this outfit as my first pattern, the Senna Dress. This is variation 2 - the crop top and pencil skirt combo! I'm currently accepting testers for this pattern, so if you're interested check out the post here! [EDIT - The Senna Dress pattern is now available for purchase here!]

And it just so happens this pattern works perfectly for Sophie's Two-Piece Set-Acular! I've been loving the crop top + high-waisted skirt/shorts trend this summer. There's something so fun and flirty, but still classy, about having just a sliver of skin showing. I wasn't quite sure I was a floral co-ord kind of girl, but since I'd already made this skirt and I had enough fabric left over for a matching top, I figured I'd give it a go!

And hey, it turns out I really like it! I've been way more adventurous with my clothing since I started sewing (especially since I started blogging), and I love discovering new silhouettes, fabrics, colors, and patterns that I never thought would work on me. Of course there have been some misses too, but I learn something new with every piece of clothing I sew.

I wore this outfit when I went home last weekend for my mom's book launch party. I noticed a few double takes, but I'm choosing to believe they were thinking "oh, what a cute outfit" and not "omg what is she wearing". And hey, I felt good in it and that's what matters right? Plus my 90 year old grandmother totally approved. And by the way, she was also wearing a newly-finished handmade dress. I hope when I'm her age I'll still be whipping up dresses and rocking purple hats at parties!

So how do you feel about co-ords? Sewn anything two-piece set-acular? Tell me about it in the comments!

<3 Lindsay


  1. I'm into the two piece trend too, I'm thinking some two piece culotte and boxy top combos might be good for summer. It could go either way, but who dares wins, right?! Your grandmother sounds amazing, it hope I'm sewing at that age too!

  2. YESSS! I love this so much. And yeah I agree, there's no other way to take the 'double takes' except: 'I want what she's having! Thanks for joining in.

  3. AAh yes I love two pieces, mix and match, mostly in my wardrobe, I love the outfit and fabric, you are a inspiration and I have started sewing for myself too not just my 7 and 17 year old girlies, thank you for sharing!

  4. Very cute! I like how the gathers in the skirt change the print and texture for just a hint of contrast with the top.