Friday, May 23, 2014

Pinstripe Sleeveless Archer

Every Archer I make seems to have less sleeves than the one before it... first long sleeves, then short sleeves, and now sleeveless!

I followed Jen's tutorial on making a sleeveless Archer. You basically just shorten the shoulder seam and take a couple slivers off the armholes. I also made a couple other adjustments to the pattern to make it fit a little better, namely shortening the bodice by 1.5" and taking in the side seams by .5" on both the front and back pieces.

I think this is a great summery look that's a bit preppy without going overboard.

I debated whether or not to leave the collar off. Really I think it would have looked good either way, so I decided to go the route of less work ;)

The pockets are my self-drafted pockets that I use in various sizes for most of the shirts I make (including menswear). I prefer the pointed shape, and I think smaller pockets make the shirt a bit more feminine.

The fabric is a lightweight cotton pinstripe shirting that has such a lovely hand. It was really easy to work with and feels great to wear. Amazingly enough, it's from Jo-Ann's! Every once in a while they have some really nice fabric. My local store no longer carries it (it's from the spring collection), but it's available online in both the navy/white and red/white colorways.

My husband likes my shirt so much that I'm about to order more of this fabric to make one for him! Don't worry - we won't wear our matching shirts at the same time. We'll save stunts like that for entertaining ourselves in our old age ;)

Thinking of making a sleeveless Archer yourself? Check out what these lovely ladies did for some more inspiration:

How about Katy's butt ruffle version? Or Lauren's lovely floral? Kyra's sashiko embroidered yoke is just gorgeous, but you can't go wrong with Rebecca's classic gingham. And I love Tante's adorable bow pockets!

Endless possibilities! Happy sewing, everyone!

<3 Lindsay


  1. I love it! It looks very cool and very french without the upper collar. Thanks so much for mentioning my Archer!

  2. Ahhhh I always love a good collarless buttondown. Also I'm so impressed that you found this fabric at Joann! One of my favorite fabrics of all time was from JoAnn, but half the time they just have the grossest stuff. I recently went to one in Chicago I'd never been to before and it was the nastiest I have ever seen. It seems like they vary from location to location, and you got lucky!

    1. JoAnn's definitely hit or miss! Luckily the one near me is pretty new, and seems to be a lot nicer than usual!

  3. Love it! I've been meaning to try the collarless style for awhile, and you've totally convinced me just to do it! Thank you for the mention down the bottom too! What nice surprise :)

  4. This is tres chic! Think I'll need to make one now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Super cute! Perfect summer top - and I love the length :)

    1. Thanks Sally! You were planning to make a Belladone with this same fabric right? I can't wait to see it!