Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bombshell Swimsuit (+ Perfect Pattern Parcel)

I'm so excited to be part of the blogger network for Perfect Pattern Parcel #3! PPP offers a great collection of discounted indie sewing patterns with some of the proceeds going to children's education charities. Included in Pattern Parcel #3 are the following patterns:

Poppy Tunic by Make it Perfect
Water Bottle Tote by Radiant Home Studio
Jorna Tank Dress by Jenna Brand
Staple Dress by April Rhodes
Bombshell Swimsuit by Closet Case Files
Bonus pattern: Prefontaine Shorts for Women by Made with Moxie

After my love affair with the Closet Case Files Nettie bodysuit (see makes 1, 2, and 3), of course I was going to make the Bombshell swimsuit. And, no surprise, I love it! Heather is so amazingly talented guys - her patterns so far have just been perfection <3

This is my favorite swimming suit ever. And the only one I've felt truly comfortable in. Wearing bikinis has always felt a bit too much like wearing underwear in public for me, but I wore them anyway because one-pieces tended to be boring or matronly. This suit is fantastic because it provides a decent amount of coverage while still being super cute and flattering. It's so empowering to be able to sew exactly what suits your lifestyle.

This was my first experience with sewing swimsuit lycra, but it went surprisingly well. I used a stretch needle and my walking foot for basting and applying elastic, and sewed the seams with my serger. There were some spots I had to go over a few times with the serger, and I'm pretty sure I left most of my basting stitches in... luckily a busy print and some ruching will hide any number of sewing sins ;)

I got this crazy colorful fabric, along with my lilac lining fabric and swimsuit elastic, from The Fabric Fairy. They have a great selection of swimsuit fabric, including lots of fun prints!

I added cups from an old swimsuit for a little extra shaping. They were easy to sew in, though I may not have gotten them exactly symmetrical. 

And yes, I totally climbed into a creek to get these pictures. I'd been planning on using Barton Springs pool as a backdrop, but it was closed for an indefinite amount of time due to flooding from all the storms we've been having lately. So my husband and I took to the Barton Creek Greenbelt, looking for the swimming holes we'd heard were there. We never found them, but we did find this surprisingly pretty little spot underneath a highway bridge. Added bonus: no one else was around to watch my swimsuit photo shoot - I imagine that could've gotten kind of embarrassing...

Perfect Pattern Parcel #3 runs through June 13th - make sure to get it before it's gone!

Buy Pattern Parcel #3

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<3 Lindsay


  1. Really cute! I love the fabric you chose and the swimsuit is very flattering on you.

  2. So beautiful! You know what, I was on the fence about this pattern but after seeing yours I'm gunna go for it!

    1. Do it! Swimwear's one of those things I never thought I could sew, which makes it extra satisfying to actually make a swimsuit. And I honestly think this silhouette is flattering on everyone!

  3. I'm in love! That fabric is great and you look smashing in your Bombshell! Thanks for sewing and sharing. :)

  4. Oh, that fabric! Stunning! I adore your bombshell, and that cute little creek :)

    1. Thanks Reana! I'm sure it doesn't compare to Fiji ;)

    2. Well I have a stack of unblogged sewing items, a Fijian background, and no one to photograph me! So feel free to come over ;)

    3. Oh, I wish! Don't tempt me! If you make it to Austin on your travels, I'm totally up for it though ;)

  5. Your suit looks great! I'm still scared to sew with Lycra but I'm gearing myself up. Love your photo shoot spot, Barton Springs is so cool but this is just as pretty!

    1. Thanks Bella! If you've sewn with knits before, then sewing lycra should be no problem. It seems intimidating, but it's actually much easier than sewing with fabrics like tissue knits.

  6. This is sooo beautiful (and stop making me blush!!) I'm gagging over this fabric! I just made a Nettie swimsuit today actually (high waisted bikini!). I have too much butt to wear it though. I'm so spoiled with the full bum coverage of the Bombshell I'm giving it to a friend. But I lioe making swimsuits. It took less than 3 hours from start to finish!

    1. Thanks Heather Lou!! I'm definitely curious to see how the Nettie would look as a swimsuit. There's no ruching to hide behind though! And swimsuits are way easier to make than I ever imagined... at least when you have detailed sew-along instructions to follow ;)

  7. Awesome swimsuit in a beautiful fabric! I am in the midst of sewing mine up and so far it is awesome- love the butt coverage!

    1. Thanks Meg! I can't wait to see your version!

  8. Gorgeous fabric! I just finished photographing mine (I'll be posting next week) and I have to say, it was super awkward. In the neighborhood, elderly man taking out his trash... and I'm next to naked in an empty lot. Good choice going somewhere discreet:)

    1. Haha, oh no! The things we do for our blogs ;) I was very relieved there were no passers-by during my shoot!

  9. Your swimsuit looks great! The colors really suit you and the pictures are beautiful :)

  10. So pretty! I love this suit in vaguely floral prints. Lovely backdrop, too :)

  11. Hi Lindsay, I just stumbled across your blog via bloglovin. I snatch the perfect pattern parcel a few hours after it was released mainly because of the bombshell swimsuit. I was totally going for a plain-colored suit. Your very pretty multi-colored version on the other hand makes me rethink my whole plan. Maybe my wardrobe can handle even two versions?

    1. I vote for two versions! Maybe you could try both the neckline variations? It's such a great pattern. I just started following your blog, so I'm excited to see what you make!