Saturday, April 19, 2014

Madewell-inspired Striped Knit Dress

After the success of my Lady Skater peplum I decided to make an actual dress from the pattern. From doing the Wardrobe Architect exercises I knew that I had a need in my wardrobe for a neutral-colored, short-sleeved knit dress. I still wanted it to have some visual interest, so I decided to go with stripes. However, I realized that because of the shape of the skater skirt the stripes would slope downwards at the sides instead of going straight across, which wasn't the look I was going for. So I ended up not using the skater skirt after all. Oh well, I'll get to it one day!

I did a search for dresses similar to the one I was thinking of and found this one by Madewell, one of my favorite clothing brands:

 In order to recreate the look I used the bodice from the Lady Skater dress and made a simple box-pleat skirt out of two rectangles of fabric for the bottom.

The fabric is a black and cream 1/2" stripe knit from Girl Charlee (sold out, but similar fabrics here).

I made the side panels by putting on my Lady Skater peplum inside-out and marking a rough outline of where the panels should be. Then I transferred those marks to the pattern and smoothed out the line using a French curve. After that I simply cut along the line and added seam allowance to create the new pattern pieces, and I taped the old one back together.

I really love the look of the side panels. They create a great hourglass effect.

The original version of this dress was $118. My copycat version: $13. You can't beat a deal like that.

<3 Lindsay


  1. Love it


  2. Oooh, it's adorable! I like the side panels too, so cute plus you wouldn't be able to match the stripes on the princess seams anyway! Definitely a win.

  3. I've just found your blog and this dress is perfect! you did an awesome job on your copycat!

  4. Gorgeous dress, I love what you did with the front panels!